Palm Desert Business Network Meeting – VIBE

We meet again on January 10. Had to end it there, to preserve the rhyme. We are meeting at the Pizzeria Villagio in Palm Desert. There’s a Starbucks on the Northwest corner of Gerald Ford (on the right side as you come off the freeway). Each member will have thirty seconds to speak about his […] Read more »

Business Network In Palm Desert

You may begin to wonder how many ways can those words be ordered. Palm Desert Business Network This is a combinatorics question, I think…. and the answer is 24. Who cares? Obviously, or perhaps covertly, the purpose of this post is to put the words in the title, then put them in the first line, […] Read more »

Palm Desert Business Network

Rising to the first page of Google results  is no fluke. We are a Palm Desert Business Network and Networking group, known as VIBENetworking. Click that link to learn how business networking gets done in Palm Desert. We meet only twice a month and generate some serious energy through the networking opportunity and business leads […] Read more »

Blogging for SEO – Palm Desert Business Networking

This is a shameless plug for – because, that’s what a blog should do for your web presence. If you understand this, you will use every medium available to you to post information about who you are, what you do, and why people should find you when they search. This means blogging, Facebook, Twitter, your […] Read more »

Answer Summary

Below, you’ll find my response to these questions, “Tell me about VIBE. When is next meeting? November? December? Cost? Time?” – asked of me, when I invited someone to be my guest. _______________________ MouseHelp Rouzell We meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Your first meeting is free and the cost to […] Read more »

Member Promotion

With help from Greg Kain of  Creative Juicez, Brad Kingsberg now has a new website for his business, NutriPowerFitness. Brad’s new site also has a brief video, provided by Gene Shaw, of Heirloom Productions. You can find him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, or browse his website to see what he has to offer. Brad […] Read more »

Computers Versus Brains

Today, at Toastmasters, I delivered a speech on this topic: “Computers Versus Brains”. Unfortunately, without having practiced the presentation, I was unaware of the amount of time necessary to cover the material. This was a major mistake on my part and not one I’ll soon repeat. Seven minutes goes by in a flash when you […] Read more »

Palm Desert Business Networking

Do a search on the term: “Palm Desert Business Networking” and you’ll find other groups. Actually, this is wonderful, as it gives us a goal – something to shoot at. I won’t mention names here, as that would be aiding “our enemy”. Honestly, we have no competition. They are just other groups, trying to do […] Read more »


Login On a mission to promote Palm Desert Business Networking, will experience new life with SEO techniques applied to every page and every post. VIBE Networking is a Palm Desert based business, comprising “Valley Independent Businesses and Entrepreneurs” – which is the basis for our name. We meet in Palm Desert for the purpose […] Read more »

An Article Every Day

Until we are found by a search of: “Palm Desert Networking”, I will post a new article each day with updates and information about VIBE or networking in the desert. Today we held our first meeting at Pizzeria Villagio and we will continue to meet there until further notice. Next meeting we plan to have […] Read more »