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Here are instructions on how to RSVP for a VIBE meeting on

There are only 4 steps:

  1. log into (click that link above to open a new window for logging into Meetup)
  2. go to the VIBE group
  3. click the link for the next meeting
  4. tell us you will be there (or not)

Yes, really, log in:

OK, so login was really two steps!

Find your VIBE group (in the My Groups drop-down menu).

Click the calendar, then click the link for the next meeting.

And RSVP – mine is set permanently to “Yes”.


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VIBE Networking is a Palm Desert based business, comprising “Valley Independent Businesses and Entrepreneurs” – which is the basis for our name. We meet in Palm Desert for the purpose of networking, business promotion, and business continuity for our members. Membership in VIBE Networking provides many benefits, including exposure of your business other business people in our group, an opportunity to speak and hone your message, and the very obvious “good VIBE” feeling that comes from new connections made with like minded professionals.