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You may begin to wonder how many ways can those words be ordered. Palm Desert Business Network

This is a combinatorics question, I think…. and the answer is 24. Who cares?

Obviously, or perhaps covertly, the purpose of this post is to put the words in the title, then put them in the first line, then link that list of words to our website. This is how search engines see things. If a search engine were a bloke, he would say; “Let’s see. Palm Desert Business Network, the phrase, is linked to, so people searching for that phrase should logically be provided with that result.”

Yes, in its simplest form, that is the case. The key is in using the words and linking your website to the words. You can also do all that key word META data stuff, just to be sure to properly seed and feed the search engines with enough kibble in the right places. Post enough articles on enough blogs, with enough of this stuff in all the right places and magically, your site rises to the top. As of this publication, on November 18, vibenetworking links are in positions 8 & 9 on Google.

There are a few more things you need to do to enhance and maintain your position in the SERPs.
Keep searching  Palm Desert Business Network and watch as vibenetworking rises to the top!

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On a mission to promote Palm Desert Business Networking, will experience new life with SEO techniques applied to every page and every post.
VIBE Networking is a Palm Desert based business, comprising “Valley Independent Businesses and Entrepreneurs” – which is the basis for our name. We meet in Palm Desert for the purpose of networking, business promotion, and business continuity for our members. Membership in VIBE Networking provides many benefits, including exposure of your business other business people in our group, an opportunity to speak and hone your message, and the very obvious “good VIBE” feeling that comes from new connections made with like minded professionals.