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This is a shameless plug for – because, that’s what a blog should do for your web presence.

If you understand this, you will use every medium available to you to post information about who you are, what you do, and why people should find you when they search. This means blogging, Facebook, Twitter, your website (or websites), email, newsletters, mixed martial arts, and whatever else it takes to beat your prospects into submission, to get them to become clients.

OK, that may have been just a bit heavy-handed. You won’t really have to get into the cage with to check us out.

Just come to our next meeting and see if we fit your idea of how to refer business to people you know, people who know you.

That’s all I’m trying to say.

On a mission to promote Palm Desert Business Networking, will experience new life with SEO techniques applied to every page and every post.
VIBE Networking is a Palm Desert based business, comprising “Valley Independent Businesses and Entrepreneurs” – which is the basis for our name. We meet in Palm Desert for the purpose of networking, business promotion, and business continuity for our members. Membership in VIBE Networking provides many benefits, including exposure of your business other business people in our group, an opportunity to speak and hone your message, and the very obvious “good VIBE” feeling that comes from new connections made with like minded professionals.