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Today, at Toastmasters, I delivered a speech on this topic: “Computers Versus Brains”.

Unfortunately, without having practiced the presentation, I was unaware of the amount of time necessary to cover the material. This was a major mistake on my part and not one I’ll soon repeat. Seven minutes goes by in a flash when you speak about a subject that really lights your fire. From that you may surmise that I was nowhere near finished when that red light came on and I had to rush through my closing statement, to make sure my point was made. This was a wonderful learning experience for me.

By the time we meet again, I’ll have practiced this same speech a few times and I’ll have it down to 6 minutes, to allow some time for questions.

Yes, I know the purpose of VIBE is to present and promote your business to the other members of the group, but I feel pretty certain by now you know I help people with computers and if you don’t know by now, anyone who uses a computer would be a good referral for me.

So, I’m just going to fascinate my audience with some information about comparisons of computers to the human brain.
Spoiler alert: You and your brain are far superior to anything computer science has to offer!

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